[TYPO3-templavoila] get content with help of API for ke_search

Stefan Frömken firma at sfroemken.de
Wed May 30 13:58:13 CEST 2012

Hello Jigal,
> I would personally not treat TV records like extension records such as
> those of tt_news, etc. TV records (template objects and data structures)
> can be page layouts and flexible content elements (and "others").
I just see that this isn't as easy as records of extensions.

> Let's take for example a FCE which has a field which can contain other
> content elements. In this case the tt_content table will contain for
> that page the FCE plus all the CEs which are displayed inside the FCE.
> If you would render all the CEs of that page you would get the FCE with
> its CEs and then all those CEs again.
For now I have programmed my first initial version which can retrieve 
CEs and values of Flex. But I know that there is much more to do. I 
think the recursion of each element will be the heaviest part. I have 
taken a look into your piBase-Class. Wow...this is pretty huge and 
complex. I have only 3 days to build a tv-Indexer. So it will never be 
as complete as your version. In this time period I can only try to build 
up the most cases.
This indexer is a first start for the community and 2 customers. Maybe 
it is interessting and someone spends some patches or money. Let's see...

> A data structure can have multiple template objects which influence the
> output.
> A field in a TemplaVoilà template can hold a simple number, which is
> turned into a completely different output (record lookup, generated
> image, ...) when the page/FCE is rendered.
For now I have a simple switch case which reads the eType of each field. 
In case of header, header_h, header_g, text and rte the content fills a 
little array. At the end this array will be imploded by CHR(10) and will 
be written into our indexer.
Also a validator is finnished. It checks if a field in flex can be used 
or not. It will be validated against the DS.
> I think you should not attempt to interpret the data of TemplaVoilà, but
> simply treat the output of the page as content for indexing.
But in that case I have to build a TSFE in BE. I have to make a sys_page 
instance. I have to create a TT-Object and so on. I see the problems 
with versionOL and many other problem when I'm starting that way. Maybe 
you have a good script to have a full working and problem-free TSFE 
within BE?!


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