[TYPO3-templavoila] How to "know" when unlinking?

Rasmus Jørgensen rasmus at baseweb.dk
Thu Jun 3 07:28:23 CEST 2010

So the answer is: It is not possible to test (from a hook) when an 
element is being unlinked :-) Thx for your reply and work with TV.

On 6/1/10 23:47 PM, Tolleiv.Nietsch wrote:
> Am 01.06.2010 18:53, schrieb Rasmus Jørgensen:
>> Hi
>> When deleting a element from the list module I get the status "delete"
>> in processDatamap hooks. When unlink'ing from TV Page module I get
>> "update". So my question is:
>> How do I test from a processDatamap hook that an element has been
>> unlinked?
>> Regards
>> Rasmus
> Hi,
> referenced items and linking/unlinking are not concepts of the TYPO3
> Core and therefore unlinking is not done through the tcemain. I guess
> you get the "update" for the page record because the reference is
> removed within the flex-xml (which is actually sitting in the
> page-record) . You'll find further details if you check
> tx_templavoila_api::process_unlink() and compare it to
> tx_templavoila_api::process_delete().
> Cheers,
> Tolleiv

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