[TYPO3-templavoila] colPos update in FCE if moved into another col

Daniel Huf dhuf at cross-systems.com
Wed Jun 2 10:49:37 CEST 2010


On a site with 3cols (colPos 0,1,2).

| 0 |   1   | 2 |
|   |+--+--+|   |
|   ||  |  ||   |
|   |+--+--+|   |
|   |       |   |

I have a FCE with two cols in the center col(colPos=1)

When I move a tt_content to the rightCol (colPos=2) it takes the right 
colPos value, but when I move it back into the FCE it keeps the colPos 
(still 2) I have to move it inside the middle col (outsite the FCE) so 
that it takes the colPos value 1.

Is there a missing config for the FCE, do I need to set a colPos for 
each field, or is it a bug in Templavoilà.

Thanks for your lights

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