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Tolleiv.Nietsch info at tolleiv.de
Wed Jul 28 11:59:05 CEST 2010


@Ron - thanks for bringing this up - I also though that this might need 
some more improvement.

I kind of agree to Steffen's opinion - icons should stay in a group and 
somehow separated .

 From my perspective I'd say - if there's no title (text) in the 
title-bar, there's also no reason to have it on the top of an element, 
where the empty gray block is just wasting space most of the time.

I could think of layouts where all the action-icons sit at the left side 
of an element (in one or two colums) and of course they only show up if 
you hover over the element.

The current solution somehow followed the paradigm to avoid too many 
changes at a time - e.g. the look&feel in 4.2/4.3 didn't change even if 
the HTML-structure was modified to be 4.4 "compatible".
If there's a nicer solution for 4.4 we should also discuss how 4.3 and 
4.2 could/should change.

Further ideas?

Tolleiv Nietsch
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