[TYPO3-templavoila] create copy of fce in other language

Tolleiv Nietsch info at tolleiv.de
Mon Aug 30 14:37:26 CEST 2010

Am 30.08.2010 14:06, schrieb Andreas Kiessling:
> Setting a FCE to langDisable = 0 means two things:
> a) it is a container element which should usually be set to language =
> -1 (all) and can be easily handled with this in the DS
> <meta type="array">
> <langDisable>1</langDisable>
> <default>
> <TCEForms>
> <sys_language_uid>-1</sys_language_uid>
> </TCEForms>
> </default>
> <noEditOnCreation>1</noEditOnCreation>
> </meta>


> b) it can be treated like a regular element / plugin that can be
> localized by creating a completely new row in table tt_content
>> But you're right langDisabled=1 + language=0 should show the links -
>> but, from my point of view the result in terms of the flexform-output is
>> not really defined in these cases .... but that's something you'd have
>> to live with...
> Well, since the whole content element is translated and no l10n_mode is
> set for the templavoila fields in tt_content, won't TYPO3 just use the
> flexform from the localized element? When a FCE is already localized
> (e.g. through the pulldown at the top when editing), the links to edit
> these FCEs are already shown in the page module like for a regular
> element / plugin and everything works like it should.
> Only the links to do this from the page module are missing ;)

Hm sounds reasonable - any chance that you prepare+test a patch for that 
against the latest trunk of templavoila? Creating the patch shouldn't be 
a big deal but testing it within various TYPO3 versions might need some 
time and I'd be glad if there's someone else besides me who confirms 
that backend and frontend do what they're supposed to ;)

Tolleiv Nietsch
www.tolleiv.de - www.aoemedia.de

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