[TYPO3-templavoila] create copy of fce in other language

Andreas Kiessling kiessling at pluspol.info
Mon Aug 30 14:06:50 CEST 2010

Hi Tolleiv,

On 30.08.2010 13:31, Tolleiv Nietsch wrote:
> Am 29.08.2010 12:09, schrieb Andreas Kiessling:
>> Setting it to 1 means, i want separate content elements for the
>> localization, so the links should be shown if the language is not set to
>> [All]. I know, the guide recommends langDisable for "container elements"
>> and inheritance mode for content, but that's no reason to generally
>> disable the links for all templavoila_pi1 elements.
> language [All] + localization??? Won't work as you hope it will even if
> I'd enable these links ;)

I guess you got me wrong here. The links should of course only be shown 
if language is 0.
-1 is handled later on and must not be taken into account in 

Setting a FCE to langDisable = 0 means two things:

a) it is a container element which should usually be set to language = 
-1 (all) and can be easily handled with this in the DS

<meta type="array">

b) it can be treated like a regular element / plugin that can be 
localized by creating a completely new row in table tt_content

> But you're right langDisabled=1 + language=0 should show the links -
> but, from my point of view the result in terms of the flexform-output is
> not really defined in these cases .... but that's something you'd have
> to live with...

Well, since the whole content element is translated and no l10n_mode is 
set for the templavoila fields in tt_content, won't TYPO3 just use the 
flexform from the localized element? When a FCE is already localized 
(e.g. through the pulldown at the top when editing), the links to edit 
these FCEs are already shown in the page module like for a regular 
element / plugin and everything works like it should.
Only the links to do this from the page module are missing ;)


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