[TYPO3-templavoila] templavoila framework - TS inclusion

G.Unger skyfreak1 at gmx.net
Tue Apr 6 21:29:04 CEST 2010

hello ron
hello WEC-team

I love the TV framework ext, actually I use a simple yet much 
'rookie-like' approche to this with nested FCEs ... not as an inch as 
much comfy and elaborated as yr extension.

I do have a question though please.
following the development of the framework for a couple of weeks now (I 
tested whatever ya put online) I am very happy to see the framework as 
an extension of it's own now.

I managed to setup a 'custom-quicksite' to fit my needs and might 
kickoff the next project with that setup. only the inclusion of the 
skin_constants.ts and the skin_typoscript.ts are making me wonder. they 
are included twice as I notice in the BE-template-analyzer.

this resides due to the lines 239-282 in class.tx_templavoilaframework_lib.php

first constants and typoscript are included from skin, then the ones 
from core of ext and the again only the constants from skin.

my question arises from the following simple demand:
in core_typoscript.ts on line 2755 there is the browser title:
page.headerData.1.2.noTrimWrap = = | | {$siteTitle} |

what if I want:
page.headerData.1.2.noTrimWrap = = | <something else here> {$siteTitle} |

ok I thought, put
page.headerData.1.2.noTrimWrap = = | <something else here> {$siteTitle} |
into the skin_typoscript.ts to overwrite the core value inorder not to 
touch the core for update issues.

but apparently due to TS inclusion as mentioned above in 
BE-template-analyzer my value is first set and then overwritten by core 
and the again only the constants are included.

anything wrong the way I interpret/read your workflow?
I was convinced the way I read through the extension and .ts filese, 
taht my custom skin in the end has the last 'bite'.

rgds and congrats again for a great extension!

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