[TYPO3-templavoila] TV 1.4.2 static_ds lost TOs

Christian Tauscher christian.tauscher at media-distillery.de
Sat Apr 3 18:22:57 CEST 2010

Andreas Otto schrieb:

> while testing TV 1.4.2 and the new static_ds feature I ran into the
> problem that I now have 38 lost TOs.
> Using the old and known way again all was fine.
> How to avoid loosing TOs while switching to static_ds?

Problem is (my experience):

DB is running as kollation latin-1 but initdb "set names utf8;" used as
utf8 Database.

Wenn upgrading to 1.4 field datastructure is changed from tinytext to
blob will corrupt you data.

Solution that worked for me:
Go to in the BE to phpmyadmin, change the field back to tinytext.
then use a external phpmyadmin wich does not connect throught TYPO3
("wrong" DBinit) and cange the Field back to blob.

If you Upgrade to 1.4.2 uncheck the "alter..." suggestion in EXTmanager
and do the alter manualy as described.

If you have such a buggy DB setup (e.g. my Mittwald Hosting accounts -
sure other hoster did the same - had  latin-1 collations for very long
time as default, and I used it as utf8...),

so if you have this Problem and want to correct this easyly:

1. Make a Backup of you DB. (!!!!)
2. go to EXTmanager and import EXT:sfdbutf8
3. a New Module appears. the EXT set's all tables  to utf8.
4. be happy, make cleanup (EXT:sfdbutf8, TV, cache etc)

This worked for all my Websites (really a lot, some from stoneage -
started with T3 V3.6), may be the mysql version must support utf8 fully,
guess V5.1+ is needed.

And if this all fails for you , and you forgott to make a backup - don't
blame me - I have toled you ;-)


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