[TYPO3-templavoila] Is Templavoila in a stable version / a matureextension

Martin Bernt Rud martin.b.rud at gmail.com
Sat May 16 20:20:10 CEST 2009

Hi Thomas,

I see the point and having heard only positive stories and good argument
towards TV I will try it next time I start a new project. End user needs is
important and in itself reason enough to me.


2009/5/16 Thomas Rehhoff <thomasr at removethislinkfactory.dk>

> Hi, I work at a TYPO3 consultancy house in Denmark, and we rarely ever use
> traditional templating. TV has so many advantages compared to traditional
> templating, especially for the end user (editors) who have a hard time
> grasping the concept of 4 columns named "left, content, right and border -
> ie. what is "border" anyway - where does content go? With TV you can mimick
> the layout of each page template just as it's viewed in the frontend.
> Also the flexibility of Flexible Content Elements is a developers and
> adminstrators dream, because with those we can create frameworks that
> immensly speed up production time and we can tailor specific needs for
> content elements for each client, thus alieveating the workload for the
> administrator. An example, say you want to create a member list. Each
> member
> is represented with a header, an image and some text. normally editrs could
> spend a lot of time getting the content positioned right in the rich text
> editor. With FCE's we simply create the HTML structure and create a content
> element, where the editor only has to write the name, insert the image and
> write the text, but no need for time consuming arrangements of the content
> -
> HTML/CSS take care of that and that's what a CMS system should do anyway +
> gives you concistent layout on the webpage. Possibilities are endless with
> FCE's.
> I definitly would say TV is matured. Next version has some promising
> additions as well - if the developers are to be believed ;)
> Kind regards
> Thomas Rehhoff
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>  Hi list,
> I think the concepts of TV is great, both from point of developer view and
> editor view. But I haven´t tried it yet on a "real" website project since I
> have not been able to figure out if TV is a recomended way to do things.
> Så my question can be frased in to ways:
> - Is Futuristic Template Building recomended over Modern Template Building
> or is TV still under early development? (or is it more a matter of taste
> what to use)
> - Is TV extension mature/stable?
> Regards,
> Martin
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