[TYPO3-templavoila] Fixing wrong special chars in database / TV template before updating to 1.4.1

Thomas Russel blueworm01 at gmx.net
Tue Dec 8 11:32:32 CET 2009

This is apparently due to some faulty characters saved in the database 
(german umlaute äöü and the slash '/')

So I thought I oughta correct all wrong entrys in the db and make sure 
everything is proper UTF8 BEFORe updating to 1.4.1

First, I went to the install tool and enabled setDBinit to
SET SESSION character_set_server=utf8;

Now, even the old 1.3.7 TemplaVoila kills all my mappings (except for 
the templateobjects, where the HTML-template file didn't contain special 
characters in the dummy text.

So, I went to the table "tx_templavoila_tmplobj" and to the field
"templatemapping" where TV seems to save my HTML-template-document content.

I changed all incorrect entrys like ü to the correct characters like ü.
And saved the fields.

But, it is still not working, my mappings are still gone.

Where else do I have to look for faulty entrys in the database regarding 

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