[TYPO3-templavoila] using gifbuilder in TV

David Banning david at skytracker.ca
Thu Apr 9 21:14:30 CEST 2009

I am using gifbuilder to replace headers within content area.

All I am getting is a very narrow gif file 10 pixels wide with the
correct color background but no text.  The install image check works fine.
There are no errors being logged in apache. 

What is the best way to track this down? I'm looking for what command
is being executed by typo3 to create the gif file, and what possible 
errors could exist.

I am not aware of typo3 logging, and if so where it logs to. I usually 
catch the errors in apache if they are mysql or php related. The
install has particulars on -what- is to be logged, but I don't see
a filename, where other logging happens.

I have attempted to post the settings from the Object Browser here.
Maybe there is a better way to post this information, but here is 
my attempt;

[stdheader] = IMAGE # Content header:
[wrap] = |
  [10] = TEXT
      [current] = 1
      [crop] = 35
    [fontSize] = 12
    [fontFile] = uploads/tf/TT0952M_.TTF
    [fontColor] = green
    [offset] = 2,20
    [niceText] = 1
  [XY] = [10.w]+10 ,25
  [maxWidth] = 150
  [backColor] = yellow
  [reduceColors] = 256

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