[TYPO3-templavoila] Inserting text with images descritpion text confuses editors

Dmitry Dulepov dmitry at typo3.org
Sun Oct 5 21:39:44 CEST 2008


Thomas Rehhoff wrote:
> To try and conjure up an answer as to why people do not post for bad 
> usability, my best guess would be, that Joe-average user
> a) doesn't know where to complain
> b) doesn't know how to complain (I mean posting in newsgroups) - a webbased 
> feedback system would perhaps spawn more feedback.
> c) has a real life and no time to get involved
> d) there's no immediate feedback channel in the BE of TYP03 or if there is, 
> it's very well hidden  (just to point out an example: If you go into the 
> Extension Manager, you're told, that if you find security errors, to please 
> contact the security team. Unfortunately no one ever will, because it isn't 
> obvious, that the text is actually a link - it doesn't look like a link.

In large companies there is a layer between developers and users, called support. We do not have that. It is not convenient for users to write entries in the bug tracker and they do not always write these entries well. This is fully understandable.

On the other hands developers are... well, they are developers :) They precize information, they want it collected, sorted with clear instructions on how to reproduce the problem. This is what normally support personel does, not end user.

How to solve this for TYPO3? I do not know. May be we should have 2-3 volonteers, whi will act as this middle layer between developers and normal users?

The problem is that as a developer I do not feel like I want to interrogate users about problem details and put entries to BT myself. I can do it but I feel it will be better if I do my main work (development). So it is often har for users to bring their thoughts to developers...

> On a sidenote, and this is for the fathers of TV, - TV is the best an editor 
> can get, compared to the standard page rendering method. Point and click 
> works for almost everyone and the ability to be able to give editors a BE 
> page layout, that closely resembles where content is put, just makes it so 
> much clearer to understand, in contrast to Left, Middle, Right and Border 
> columns. And no, I'm not talking from a technical point of view. I know 
> there are lots of things, which are probably easier to achieve in the 
> standard page rendering method. But that's a discussion on par with whether 
> or not you like PC or MAC.

I think original "fathers" made a mistake when decided to keep information in XML. XML was cool and modern at those times. But it turned out to be time consuming and impossible to use in TS. There was even an idea to get rid of XML completely (for TV 2.0) but this is a huge work and no one will pay that. Original fathers were paid by Dassault to create TV, they could afford this big development. I can't :( It would take two months *at least* and no one will pay that.

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