[TYPO3-templavoila] Inserting text with images descritpion text confuses editors

Thomas Rehhoff thomasr at REMOVETHISlinkfactory.dk
Sun Oct 5 11:23:52 CEST 2008

Hi Steffen, that's what I did now - I simply couldn't take it anymore - this 
constant moaning from people who couldn't figure out how to insert text w. 
image to the left....ohh the horror, ooh the pain.

To try and conjure up an answer as to why people do not post for bad 
usability, my best guess would be, that Joe-average user
a) doesn't know where to complain
b) doesn't know how to complain (I mean posting in newsgroups) - a webbased 
feedback system would perhaps spawn more feedback.
c) has a real life and no time to get involved
d) there's no immediate feedback channel in the BE of TYP03 or if there is, 
it's very well hidden  (just to point out an example: If you go into the 
Extension Manager, you're told, that if you find security errors, to please 
contact the security team. Unfortunately no one ever will, because it isn't 
obvious, that the text is actually a link - it doesn't look like a link.

As I personally get more and more involved in T3, I would actually be happy 
to give my sixpence once in a while. And I completly agree with Xavier's 
comment in this thread, that if you're technically savvy - TYPO3 is your 
best friend. But for the not so tech freaked, some tasks are simply to 
diffcult to master.

On a sidenote, and this is for the fathers of TV, - TV is the best an editor 
can get, compared to the standard page rendering method. Point and click 
works for almost everyone and the ability to be able to give editors a BE 
page layout, that closely resembles where content is put, just makes it so 
much clearer to understand, in contrast to Left, Middle, Right and Border 
columns. And no, I'm not talking from a technical point of view. I know 
there are lots of things, which are probably easier to achieve in the 
standard page rendering method. But that's a discussion on par with whether 
or not you like PC or MAC.


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> Hi,
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>> Lol, nope, not frustrated - Daddy's not mad, Daddy's just very. very
>> disappointed  ;-)
>> As I said, I have taugt t3 for many years and this is one of the things
>> where I'd say I have a pretty good user-proofed basis to back up my 
>> claim.
> that's the sort of input we need all the time. There is an HCI team which 
> is
> the first address for such. But very few people claimed there for bad
> usibility, why?
> If you teach and you feel that something goes wrong for most people, why 
> not
> posting and discuss that immediately? That's what the newsgroups are for!
> vg Steffen

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