[TYPO3-templavoila] Inserting text with images descritpion text confuses editors

Simon Tuck stu at rtpartner.ch
Mon Oct 6 21:22:53 CEST 2008

Dmitry Dulepov wrote:
> How to solve this for TYPO3? I do not know. May be we should have 2-3 
> volonteers, whi will act as this middle layer between developers and 
> normal users?
> The problem is that as a developer I do not feel like I want to 
> interrogate users about problem details and put entries to BT myself. I 
> can do it but I feel it will be better if I do my main work 
> (development). So it is often har for users to bring their thoughts to 
> developers...
I agree. But TV is such a mission critical component for TYPO3 that it 
could well be worth adding a layer to review patches, bugfixes change 
requests etc.
> I think original "fathers" made a mistake when decided to keep 
> information in XML. XML was cool and modern at those times. But it 
> turned out to be time consuming and impossible to use in TS. 
imo This is a major problem. Within the context of the TYPO3 framework 
TV often feels very foreign.
> even an idea to get rid of XML completely (for TV 2.0) but this is a 
> huge work and no one will pay that. Original fathers were paid by 
> Dassault to create TV, they could afford this big development. I can't 
> :( It would take two months *at least* and no one will pay that.
I would be very interested to know what your thoughts are on TV 2.0 
Perhaps you could launch this as a sponsored project? I for one would be 
happy to contribute.


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