[TYPO3-templavoila] Pagetemplate/FCE Linklisten, Zeilenumbruch nach </li> erzwingen?!

Nicole Y. Maennl maennl at enypsilon.de
Fri Dec 19 19:36:10 CET 2008

Sorry, Brain-System-Error by me ... I have to write in engl. of
But I don't change the subject now, otherwise it's no thread
anymore ...

I translate my first posting in a short way:

Pagetemplate/FCE Linklists, how to force spaces after </li>

Problem: need space between ... </li> <li> ...

my HTML-Template:

  <li class="t10">bla</li>
  <li class="t12">blub</li>

my mapping:

  CO [li OUTER]
   AT [li ATTR:class]
   EL [li INNER]

generated Code:

<ul><li class="t10">bla</li><li class="t12">blub</li><li> ...</ul>

but this makes problems with my CSS, I need

<ul><li class="t10">bla</li> <li class="t12">blub</li> <li> ...</ul>
with spaces between.

How can I manage this?

I tried also to set
<HSC type="integer">0</HSC> to zero, both 1 or 0 tested, no
change in result.

What's the meaning of
Could this be the right direction to think?
Didn't found anything in the net. Or wrong search, because of
wrong thinking and using of wrong searchtags?!

Thanks in advance and sorry again for my german posting.


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