[TYPO3-templavoila] FCE with an image with different width based on the column where the FCE is rendered

Ian Solo ian at webian.it
Mon Sep 3 18:16:33 CEST 2007

found the solution, I was close :P

Setting the field_image's Typoscript of the FCE like:
10.maxW = 200
10.maxW.override.data = register:overImgWidthMedium

and the "secondary content" column's Typoscript like:
5.overImgWidthMedium = 150

10.tables = tt_content


I can override the value.

Have a nice day!ian

Ian Solo wrote:
> Hi!
> I have an FCE with a field_image and I would like that this image will 
> render with different width if the FCE is in one column of my main TV 
> template or in another.
> e.g.:
> In the field_image's Typoscript of this FCE i set:
> 10.maxW = 200px
> This width is ok if the FCE is rendered in the "main content" column.
> But if it's rendered in a "secondary content" column the width should be 
> of 150px.
> I found the way to do it for normal content using 
> LOAD_REGISTER/RESTORE_REGISTER in the "secondary content" column, but 
> what about a FCE?
> Bye!ian

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