[TYPO3-templavoila] mapping mininews

Michael Bakonyi kontakt at mb-mediendesign.de
Fri May 4 20:47:09 CEST 2007

Dmitry Dulepov schrieb:
> Hi!
> Michael Bakonyi wrote:
>> What you mean is the form of the plugin, when inserted as 
>> content-elment. What I meant was the form of the FCE. But I'm sure 
>> this one looks wrong, because there are no fields to insert text and 
>> the sections doesn't work correctly either.
> You cannot use mininews as FCE. It is a plugin and can be used only as 
> plugin. Same for its template, it cannot be used as FCE.

??? So what's the mapping for then? I thought it would enable the 
possibility to use the mininews-extension completely with the 
tv-page-module .. So that one doesn't have to use the list-module ...

>> I'll just send you the login. When you've got time have a look at it 
>> if you want. Maybe I just did something little stupid wrong and I 
>> don't want to waste your time when you search for the error on your 
>> system. If you doesn't have the time, that's okay of course.
> Well, I provide free support only in forums in my free time. Any 
> personal support is not free unless I am personally interested. Sorry :(

Hey, it wasn't meant like that, of course! I thought you were interested 
in developing your extension and I didn't want you to rack your brain 
just because of a wrong setting in my t3-installation. I surely didn't 
want to have your personal support, I wanted to help you! :-) Sorry for 
that misunderstanding ..


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