[TYPO3-templavoila] blank page, subtitled 'much ado about nothing'

Sabine Weiß dr.sabine.weiss at t-online.de
Sun Jun 17 23:46:57 CEST 2007

Hi Georg, hi all,

Georg Rehfeld wrote:
> ...
> sorry for this late answer, I believed to have sent it to the list, but
> just found this message in my drafts folder. I feared to offend you with
> that "ugly RTFM" near the end and just saved the other night instead of
> sending...

Nothing to be worrying about, Georg! First of all, I spent a couple of 
days away from home and unconnected to the internet. Secondly, finally, 
clearing the caches did not do the trick any more as

> Sabine Weiß wrote earlier:
>> Somehow it got even worse when I started templating 005 this morning.
>> Even my trick with re-showing 004 from within the backend did not 
>> work any more. What I finally did to resolve the situation is that
>> I redirected the domain seulberg.netz-schmiede.de to the URI of page 
>> 004. It displays OK this way, but the "seulberg" subdomain got lost...

As you can see: there is no case of thread boiling down to whatever ;-)

I experienced this behavior with the new page of my sandbox again, i.e. 
no content got displayed, just the blank page shows, even if I clear all 
caches thrice. This is is why I again redirect the domain 
"seulberg.netz-schmiede.de" to the address of the main domain plus page 
id. So the symptom's gone, but the cause not found...

In the meantime I am convinced that the subdomain does play a certain 
role here. See my latest post in this group.

> So you essentially use the so called 'micro sites' in TYPO3, don't you?
> Then TV _should_ work completely for you.

Yes, exactly. And my expectation as well.

> What _type_ of changes break your current sandbox:
> ...
> - a change to the _page_ of an older sandbox page?
>   This should not influence anything in the current sandbox, but
>   might negatively affect the older sandbox, depending on the field
>   changed. E.g. if you change the 'hidden' flag of some page TYPO3
>   only recognizes changes to that particular page ... but it still
>   treats subpages of that as "unchanged" ... other changes to the page
>   might behave similar.
>   Just clear _all_ caches, to get the old sandbox working again.
> - a change to the _configuration_ of an older sandbox?
>   This _will_ require a 'clear all chaches' in every case.

I made changes to both the pages and configuration. I migrated the old 
ones from using automaketemplate to TV. But why does a change of the old 
sandbox page 002 effect the actual sandbox page? This is what I do not 
understand. Both are 'micro sites' that should be working independently.

Re your request, Georg: the current sandbox page is yours :-)


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