[TYPO3-templavoila] blank page, subtitled 'much ado about nothing'

Georg Rehfeld georg.rehfeld at gmx.de
Sat Jun 16 06:43:35 CEST 2007

Hi again Sabine, hi all,

sorry for this late answer, I believed to have sent it to the list, but
just found this message in my drafts folder. I feared to offend you with
that "ugly RTFM" near the end and just saved the other night instead of

Please, don't feel offended! This time I added some explanation for the
"clear cache" requirement. And I'm _still_ interested to get added to
your update notification receipients!

Sabine Weiß wrote:
> All those pages 001, 002,... template records are basically setup alike:
> page = PAGE
> page.typeNum = 0
> page.10 = USER
> page.10.userFunc = tx_templavoila_pi1->main_page
> All of them are marked as rootlevel, and the "Clear" boxes for Constants 
> and Setup are ticked.

So you essentially use the so called 'micro sites' in TYPO3, don't you?
Then TV _should_ work completely for you.

> Well, in my past professional life I was the person sought-after / 
> dreaded for revealing the really nasty bugs ;-)

I'll ask you to test one or the other project for me in the future :-)

And some nice/advanced design/CSS, if you care.

> ... "clear everything and Show!" thingy to the actual page right after
> I do changes to any other pages.

What _type_ of changes break your current sandbox:

- a change to the _content_ of an older sandbox page?
   This should _not_ influence anything in the current sandbox

- a change to the _page_ of an older sandbox page?
   This should not influence anything in the current sandbox, but
   might negatively affect the older sandbox, depending on the field
   changed. E.g. if you change the 'hidden' flag of some page TYPO3
   only recognizes changes to that particular page ... but it still
   treats subpages of that as "unchanged" ... other changes to the page
   might behave similar.

   Just clear _all_ caches, to get the old sandbox working again.

- a change to the _configuration_ of an older sandbox?
   This _will_ require a 'clear all chaches' in every case.

Does this thread boil down to just "Clear caches if in doubt"
(which would be a [ugly] RTFM)?

best regards, Georg
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