[TYPO3-templavoila] blank page, subtitled 'much ado about nothing'

Sabine Weiß dr.sabine.weiss at t-online.de
Sun Jun 10 12:05:56 CEST 2007

Hi Georg,

thanks a lot for

Georg Rehfeld wrote:
> Your "sandbox" is amazing in the first place. Keep on (and notify me
> about updates, please).

Das ging runter wie Öl :-)

> Can you please reveal your rough page structure including flags for
> "is root", "clear constants" etc.?

All those pages 001, 002,... template records are basically setup alike:

page = PAGE
page.typeNum = 0
page.10 = USER
page.10.userFunc = tx_templavoila_pi1->main_page

All of them are marked as rootlevel, and the "Clear" boxes for Constants 
and Setup are ticked.

> I'm really unsure, if the TV designers/implementors have forseen your
> attempt to work with it in such an advanced way (but I'm ever open to

Well, in my past professional life I was the person sought-after / 
dreaded for revealing the really nasty bugs ;-)

I agree that this project assumes a high degree of flexibility. In the 
end I may well have to pare down my ambitions to my capabilities in this 
field. But I'd rather see this work out.

> Hmm, from my remote point of view there is nothing to complain about. In
> my Opera browser your 4 pages/sandboxes just show up fine without any

Since I am aware of the problem I always do the "clear everything and 
Show!" thingy to the actual page right after I do changes to any other 
pages. There are a few people out there who know about the sandbox and 
keep visiting from time to time. I just don't want to disappoint them ;-)

> obvious problems. Clearing _all_ TYPO3 caches after modification of the
> essential setup of a site is common practice/requirement, so I assume,
> you have something other in mind, which I didn't understand. Can you
> explain?

I understand that I have to do so when I make changes to a page. What I 
do not understand is why I have to do this to my page 004 when the only 
changes I make are to a different page like the older ones 001, 002...

My idea behind is that I want to make changes somewhere in the page tree 
like adding a page without risking the accessibility of a life site.

Somehow it got even worse when I started templating 005 this morning. 
Even my trick with re-showing 004 from within the backend did not work 
any more. What I finally did to resolve the situation is that I 
redirected the domain seulberg.netz-schmiede.de to the URI of page 004. 
It displays OK this way, but the "seulberg" subdomain got lost...

Well, I hope that I am just missing a basic piece of understanding. And 
maybe somebody can help on? Regards,


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