[TYPO3-templavoila] blank page, subtitled 'much ado about nothing'

Georg Rehfeld georg.rehfeld at gmx.de
Sun Jun 10 05:23:35 CEST 2007

Hi Sabine,

Sabine Weiß wrote:
> Here's another issue with my sandbox (http://seulberg.netz-schmiede.de).

Your "sandbox" is amazing in the first place. Keep on (and notify me
about updates, please).

> The pages 004 down to 001 on the next level constitute my sandbox. Root 
> and sandbox pages all have their own storage folder for the TO / DS 
> elements. Currently page 004 holds the domain information 
> seulberg.netz-schmiede.de. (((next week it may be 005)))

Can you please reveal your rough page structure including flags for
"is root", "clear constants" etc.?

> And this is the behavior I observe and that I'd like to get rid of:
> Whenever I do a modification of DS/TO for one of the pages 001, 002, 
> 003, this  effects the display of page 004 negatively. A blank page is 
> being displayed, because there's nothing between <body> and </body>. 
> This is what the source code looks at that point in time -- aka 'much 
> ado about nothing'-style ;-)  :

I'm really unsure, if the TV designers/implementors have forseen your
attempt to work with it in such an advanced way (but I'm ever open to
learn and it may well be, that I don't see the obvious). Hopefully
Dmitry or someone else jumps in for some hints.

> I can force the content back to the page by simply clearing the FE cache 
> and telling page 004 to "Show!" from within the BE. But this is not what 
> I really want to do all the time as I am currently experimenting a lot.

Hmm, from my remote point of view there is nothing to complain about. In
my Opera browser your 4 pages/sandboxes just show up fine without any
obvious problems. Clearing _all_ TYPO3 caches after modification of the
essential setup of a site is common practice/requirement, so I assume,
you have something other in mind, which I didn't understand. Can you

regards and have a good sunday,
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