[TYPO3-templavoila] Get rid of the bad concept used/unused elements?

Dmitry Dulepov dmitry at typo3.org
Wed Jan 31 09:58:07 CET 2007


Franz Koch wrote:
> I can agree with that - it is really confusing for regular editors. 
> There might be a reason why this 'feature' exists

Reason is simple: if you create content element using old page module or 
list module, templavoila does not always know (though sometime it can 
guess) where to put it. If it cannot determine, it puts element to 
unused. Later editor may place it appropriately.

I see no problem with this concept. This is as simple as "do not use it 
if you do not like it or do not know what it is".

> Some of my editors don't even understand what references are (really 
> tried to explain). I hope that finally changes in typo3 4.5

You mean references to files and images? References in tv is tv's own 

> Currently I'm struggling with a new software our company 
> bought that has it's own, very uncommon way for doing things and I can 
> imagine how unexperienced editors must feel when the should use typo3.

Well, if you have usability issues, post them to BT. They always have 
good chance to be fixed :)

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