[TYPO3-templavoila] Get rid of the bad concept used/unused elements?

Franz Koch typo at fx.MINUS.graefix.DOT.de
Wed Jan 31 09:43:16 CET 2007

Hi folks,

> Maybe but I have done with it some customers sites together with some 
> other people. We agreed that unused elements is somelevel confusing,
> because there so many kinds of elements
> * normal visible
> * marked as hidden
> * deleted
> * unused
> unused elements reseble hidden or deleted elements, but it not the same.
> less different types would make editing at least for some editors easier.
> Anyway the concept is confusing for some people because it has been that 
> for me. You can't say that it is not confusing if it really is.

I can agree with that - it is really confusing for regular editors. There might be a reason why this 'feature' exists - but I suppose this is more technical than practical for most sites - and a regular editor should not have to understand technical issues. Same goes for example for the page and list view - editors don't care if something is a database record that is only visible in list view as it's no 'real' content - they create a record that later on is displayed on the website as 'content' and don't understand why they don't see it in page view - even if it's created on the same page it later on shows on the website. At some point they get used to it and accept that behavior - but still don't know why.
Some of my editors don't even understand what references are (really tried to explain). I hope that finally changes in typo3 4.5 - less primary unnecessary gimmicks like dashboard (nice but not really related to usability) that can be added later but more work in intuitive usability. Currently I'm struggling with a new software our company bought that has it's own, very uncommon way for doing things and I can imagine how unexperienced editors must feel when the should use typo3.
Kind regards,
Franz Koch

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