[TYPO3-templavoila] Different image for alternate language

Søren Schaffstein soeren.schaffstein at media-lights.de
Mon Sep 11 16:00:20 CEST 2006


I have set up a two language (german, english) site with TV. It has a 
header image on every page which is defined in the DS (see bleow). This 
works very well, but now a situation arose where there are different 
images necessary for the german and eglish version.

In the DS
is set because the translated version of the site must exactly match the 
default language.

Can I now specify a setting in the DS to allow another image in the 
english version? (English version doesn't show the image field)

Setting for the image field:
<field_headerimage type="array">
	<tx_templavoila type="array">
		<title>Header Image</title>
		<description>Map to header Image</description>
		<sample_data type="array">
			<numIndex index="0">[header image]</numIndex>
     10.source.postUserFunc = tx_kbtvcontslide_pi1->main
     10.source.postUserFunc.field = field_headerimage
     10.source.postUserFunc.collect = 0
     10 = IMAGE
     10.file.import = uploads/tx_templavoila/
     10.file.import.postUserFunc = tx_kbtvcontslide_pi1->main
     10.file.import.postUserFunc.field = field_headerimage
     10.file.import.listNum = 0
     10.file.maxW = 885
     10.file.minW = 885
     10.file.maxH = 150
     10.file.minH = 150
	<TCEforms type="array">
		<config type="array">
		<label>Header Image</label>

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