[TYPO3-templavoila] Modifying HTML template

Tony Lush tlush at advancewm.com
Mon Sep 11 19:46:15 CEST 2006


I uploaded the new template via FTP, using the same file name as the previous 
one. The template was the same except the left div, which had nothing mapped 
to it, was removed. The removed div did come before the one to which the 
content was mapped.

I went to remap and saved, but tried to avoid changing anything else.

I am not clear how I lost the link to the DS.

Thank you -- Tony

> Hi!
> Tony Lush wrote:
> > I tried Save without success, and now I get a "No UID was found pointing to a 
> > Data Structure Object record." when I look to see the TV details. 
> This error should never happen under normal conditions because it means 
> that TO refers to non-existing DS. Did you change anything in database 
> manually or use import/export?
> -- 
> Dmitry Dulepov
> http://typo3bloke.net/

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