[TYPO3-templavoila] langChildren = 1, langDisable = 0, The Way I wan't my Template

Dmitry Dulepov typo3 at accio.lv
Fri Sep 8 07:18:21 CEST 2006


Jonas Dübi wrote:
> What I would realy like to have for my mulitlanguage Templavoila Pages:
> 1.) User creates Page
> 2.) User adds Content Elements
> 3.) User adds Page Translation
> 4.) User klicks on 'Copy Element for Translation' on every Element
> 5.) User switches to 'other language' Version

This step is not necessary.

> 6.) User can edit all 'other language' Version and sees the 'standard 
> language' data in the green fields bellow every field.
> How I configured my Template:
>     <meta type="array">
>         <langChildren type="integer">1</langChildren>
>         <langDisable type="integer">0</langDisable>
>     </meta>
> Nearly everything works out. There is just one point:
> The copied translated Element isn't placed within the 'other language' 
> content elements field of the page.

Correct. You need to use "other language" only and only if you want 
separate content for the other language. What you should do normally, 
you should edit translated content on the same page where default 
language is located.

One more thing: you must have
	config.sys_language_mode = content_fallback
in your TS setup.

> When I disable langChildren, the 'Copy Element for Translation' 
> dispears, and if I do it's job by hand there is an Error Message:
> 'This element has been used 2 times on this page! ID:48'

Correct. You disabled translation and you got two elements with the same 
UID on a single page.

> Is this a Bug, is there something I forgot?

You need to read "Frontend localization manual" on typo3.org. It can be 
prety complex at the beginning but try experimenting with your test site 
while reading. It'll become natural very quickly.

> I know there is this fancy FCE inline Translation stuff, but I don't 
> like it and I don't wanna use it with my customers. I wanna clean 
> separated content elements which are linked to each other to make 
> translation easier.

You cannot have them linked if you are going to switch to another 
language. You must edit them on the same page where default language is.

Dmitry Dulepov

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