[TYPO3-templavoila] Migrate to Templavoila

Matthias Nott mnott at mnsoft.org
Tue Nov 14 11:30:46 CET 2006

Hi Dimitry,

well, it does take into account the localisation in terms of which 
language a given content element was made for. But we are probably 
talking about different things here. What I simply did was to analyze on 
the DB level what actually happens when I migrate manually a content 
element, and then implemented the same process as a script.

Now of course that does not take into account content areas. Which was 
o.k. for me as I had everything in my main content area, and my 
Templavoila template structure also had a main content area where the 
content had to go into.

For me, this was a major road block for migrating the site to 
Templavoila. There are many paragraphs and many languages, and most of 
them do not specify a "title" field, so when you have them all as 
"unused" content elements in Templavoila, you just cannot easily copy 
paste them. You pick the wrong ones, you pick the wrong order, etc.

As nothing came up this year in this area (only somewhere I wrote that 
you can configure Templavoila to take a default content area 
configuration attribute; I don't remember the name, yet it did not work 
anyway), I decided to write that script.

If you want to create a migration plugin around the code I've written, 
you're very welcome to do so.



Dmitry Dulepov schrieb:
> Hi!
> Matthias Nott wrote:
>> I've recently had to migrate a site to Templavoila. I didn't find 
>> resources on how to efficiently migrate the content. So I wrote a 
>> small script.
>> Perhaps this may be of help for someone else:
>> http://www.mnsoft.org/migrate_templavoila.0.html
> I took a quick look and it seems that your script manually creates 
> flexform. Generally it means that it does not take several things into 
> account (like localization paradigm or new xml format).
> Migration plugin is planned but when - hard to say...

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