[TYPO3-templavoila] Extensions and TV [was Templavoila mapping problem]

Dmitry Dulepov typo3 at accio.lv
Wed Jul 5 08:33:51 CEST 2006


Cate & Peter wrote:
> I am sure both men are more than capable of working out TV (certainly if
> someone like me can), and they did try for me, but as they don't need TV
> themselves there is no real opportunity for them to use it. As a result, the
> manuals are only written from a non-TV perspective, so it is a case of trial
> and error to get them to work.

Generally, plugins should work identically with or without TV. But you 
should insert them correctly!

> An example of what happened for me with those wikis: 
> *	I tried them directly in the TS template, but that inserted the
> extensions *after* everything mapped with TV.

Looks like you did not use TS object path but "page.xxx". This is not a 
right way with TV.

> *	I tried inserting them as a content element - but that was buggy

Cannot comment on this since this does not give any information.

> *	I ended up having to define them as a lib.MyObject in TV, and then
> configure them in the TS template through trial and error.

This is correct way.

> Now, nowhere did I find a suggestion that extensions might need to be
> inserted in this way - but so far, that is the most reliable way I have
> found for using extensions with TV.

I thought FTB indirectly suggests this. You can define any cObject using 
TS object path. Plugins also provide cObjects (USER or USER_INT). They 
are not different from TEXT, HMENU or CONTENT.

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far more than our abilities." (A.P.W.B.D.)

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