[TYPO3-templavoila] Extensions and TV [was Templavoila mapping problem]

Cate & Peter catepeter at optusnet.com.au
Wed Jul 5 03:22:37 CEST 2006

Hi Christopher


>Question: what do extensions have to do with TV?


>Probably you should answer in a new thread, but what problems are you 

>having with extensions that you think are related to TV?


Nothing directly - as I said in my last email, it is just that when the
documentation is written for use without TV, it can be difficult for newer
users (and even the extensions developers) to work out what the procedure is
for making them work with TV.


For example, I was trying to get one of the wiki extensions to work with TV
- of the two I chose to trial, neither developer had used TV. After 5 weeks
of trying to make it work myself and with assistance from online sources, I
asked for assistance directly from the authors - and neither of them could
work out why I couldn't get the extensions to work properly, because they
weren't familiar with TV. One author tried for about a week himself, but
just couldn't work it out, becs he hadn't used TV.


I am sure both men are more than capable of working out TV (certainly if
someone like me can), and they did try for me, but as they don't need TV
themselves there is no real opportunity for them to use it. As a result, the
manuals are only written from a non-TV perspective, so it is a case of trial
and error to get them to work.


An example of what happened for me with those wikis: 

*	I tried them directly in the TS template, but that inserted the
extensions *after* everything mapped with TV.
*	I tried inserting them as a content element - but that was buggy
*	I ended up having to define them as a lib.MyObject in TV, and then
configure them in the TS template through trial and error.


Now, nowhere did I find a suggestion that extensions might need to be
inserted in this way - but so far, that is the most reliable way I have
found for using extensions with TV.


Even so, one of them didn't work - never did get it to work.



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