[TYPO3-templavoila] Extensions and TV [was Templavoila mapping problem]

Cate & Peter catepeter at optusnet.com.au
Wed Jul 5 10:25:44 CEST 2006

Hi Dmitry

>Looks like you did not use TS object path but "page.xxx". This is not a 
>right way with TV.

Apparently so.

>> *	I tried inserting them as a content element - but that was buggy

>Cannot comment on this since this does not give any information.

Specifically, the initial wiki RTE showed, but after "saving", the text
entered did not appear - in list it was apparent the information had been
saved, but no reference had been made to the content item, and so it did not

>> *	I ended up having to define them as a lib.MyObject in TV, and then
>> configure them in the TS template through trial and error.

>This is correct way.

Obviously - but it was my own deduction from logic and reasoning of 'how
many ways can an object be called to appear on the page' - nothing to do
with my understanding of TS.

>> Now, nowhere did I find a suggestion that extensions might need to be
>> inserted in this way - but so far, that is the most reliable way I have
>> found for using extensions with TV.

>I thought FTB *indirectly* suggests this. (highlight mine)

Indirectly is exactly the issue. I am not a coding person, I do not
understand how Typoscript works, I rely on snippets and the little bit I can
understand to get me by. If something is not *explicitly stated* I do not
necessarily make the connection myself. 

>You can define any cObject using 
>TS object path. Plugins also provide cObjects (USER or USER_INT). They 
>are not different from TEXT, HMENU or CONTENT.

While I recognise these terms (USER, USER_INT), even after 6 months of using
Typo3 I would have to go back to TSRef to try to understand them. HMenu I
understand, Text and content I sort of understand. I have not gotten my head
around the full meaning of a cObject, or its implications for configuring
things. And knowing my past history, it is unlikely that this will happen
soon. Therefore, to say that one thing is the same as something else is of
no further enlightenment to me... it needs to be related to something I
already understand :) (ie out of the coding world :) )

Don't misunderstand. I am not a newbie to coding. I had my first experience
22 years ago with BASIC, moved on to Pascal, then took a break for some
time. Came back 6 years ago to html, then php (which is still a mystery to
me) and css. Now TS. I will get it eventually, it just takes me a very long

On the other hand, talk Search Engine Optimisation, Business Workflow,
Training or Documentation and I have no problems at all :)

Its just that coding is not my area of talent. I learn what I have to when I
have to, and it takes me ages to learn it.

Just as well my self image is not tied to how well I code!


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