[TYPO3-templavoila] TemplaVoila >< classic page module

Benjamin Mack bmack at kirix.com
Wed Dec 13 12:49:03 CET 2006

Hey Tapio,

well, I just don't get it. You always complain about TemplaVoila and how 
bad and unusable it is. Please go on, use your solution, and propose it 
as a complete extension or whatsoever, write a "Next-Generation Template 
Building" tutorial to set things up, and once your solution gets 
popular, people won't use TemplaVoila anymore. But until then, I think 
TemplaVoila gives me everything I need, and, until then I don't need a 
couple of complains every week on this list how unusable TV is.

TYPO3 gives everybody freedom to choose (choose the extensions you like 
and prefer).

The installation you showed us goes in another direction - editing and 
using the TYPO3 Backend for the "classic page module" in a different 
way. This has nothing to do directly with the TemplaVoila solution. If 
you look at the HCI-list, you will see that there are tons of proposals 
on how to edit the content in the backend so that it will be "more usable".


Tapio Markula wrote:
> Hi
> Test http://t3test.xetpoint.com/typo3/ with username and password 'tester'
> That is clear classic page module. The only remarkable disadvantage is 
> missing
> to set custom BE template for rendering if needed for example
> top content
> left content | right content
> bottom content
> all are horizontal.
> TemplaVoila just sucks concerning userfriendliness - even after my 
> improvements
> These are remakable easier:
> * easier template selector in 'Page properties' (older version 'Page 
> header')
> * easier template selector for nested content elements (using the plugin 
> kb_nescefe)
> * easier new page wizard (I could even add creating some default content 
> for empty page)
> These are a little bit better
> * better content element wizard (endeed I have improved this and get 
> reasonable working)
> * no confusing 'usued element' - if only used TemplaVoila page module 
> this can be disabled
> Well TemplaVoila might be nice template engine it still has such 
> features, which are not user friendly
> enough, that I could use it for my customers. I give priority for HCI. 
> The classic page module has enough
> possibilities. If HCI-issue would be solved better, I could think using 
> TemplaVoila for my customers.
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