[TYPO3-templavoila] TemplaVoila >< classic page module

Tapio Markula tapio.markula at atwebteam.com
Wed Dec 13 13:03:35 CET 2006

Benjamin Mack kirjoitti:
> Hey Tapio,
> well, I just don't get it. You always complain about TemplaVoila and how 
> bad and unusable it is. Please go on, use your solution, and propose it 
> as a complete extension or whatsoever, write a "Next-Generation Template 
> Building" tutorial to set things up, and once your solution gets 
> popular, people won't use TemplaVoila anymore. But until then, I think 
> TemplaVoila gives me everything I need

yes - what *you* need for developing templates, but this is not my point.
My point is end-user usability, which is in some respects bad and should
be improved.

> TYPO3 gives everybody freedom to choose (choose the extensions you like 
> and prefer).

one of my customers use TemplaVoila and it is annoying that I can't give
his customers better usability
> you look at the HCI-list, you will see that there are tons of proposals 
> on how to edit the content in the backend so that it will be "more usable".
yes - but who *makes* the changes to get better usability

>> * easier new page wizard (I could even add creating some default 
>> content for empty page)

in fact the most annoying feature here is is that if you press 'Close'
you get page without title - that is easy to fix in XCLASS for
alt_doc.php + class.tx_templavoila_mod1_wizards.php

But this should also fix in the core. this was a usability bug, which my 
customer comlained to me and forced to fix forking the source code.

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