[TYPO3-templavoila] Usability problem selecting templates

Jens Hoffmann werbung at baiz.org
Thu Dec 7 14:07:11 CET 2006

Hi Tapio,

I don't really get this ... sorry.
Can you post a Screenshot for a better understanding? :)
So i/we can see what is the prob. on this typical function.

I use only TV ... so maybe I can't see the "tree in the forest". :)

Greez Jens


Benjamin Mack schrieb:
> Hey Tapio,
> actually, you're right on that! I find it very inconvenient to select 
> the different DS / TOs. Apart from that it is very hard to explain to 
> the editors the difference between a DS and a TO (on a simple page, they 
> are called almost the same and there is only one DS).
> If we could do some more AJAX action in there, it would help a lot - 
> instead right now, you're asked to reload the whole page.
> Another problem is that if you don't select a DS (or it's called 
> "Template Structure"), the field for the TO ("Template Design") is not 
> shown, then after the reload the new field is shown. First I felt 
> like... "Mmmh, this is still the Subpages stuff" but then I figured that 
> there is something added.
> If we could recode the whole selection it would help a lot, IMHO we 
> should especially distinguish it better from the "Subpages" selection.
> ...just my 2 cents...
> -- 
> greetings,
> benni.
> -SDG-
> Tapio Markula wrote:
>> Hi
>> Usability concerning selecting templates is bad in TemplaVoila
>> too complex. B. Kraft told me once that he tries to make an
>> extension to select templates easily. DS and TO could select
>> at the same time, which is user friendly.
>> Now selecting very far from HCI (Human Computer Ingerface) principles 
>> - the selecting is now
>> more for computer than human. It should get better for human!
>> This is the worst usability problem in TemplaVoila and before
>> that issue is solved satisfactory, I don't use TemplaVoila for my 
>> customers.
>> BTW. I have solded frontend editing satisfactory.
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