[TYPO3-templavoila] Usability problem selecting templates

Dmitry Dulepov dmitry at typo3.org
Thu Dec 7 14:03:52 CET 2006


Benjamin Mack wrote:
> actually, you're right on that! I find it very inconvenient to select 
> the different DS / TOs. Apart from that it is very hard to explain to 
> the editors the difference between a DS and a TO (on a simple page, they 
> are called almost the same and there is only one DS).

It depends on the site. I usually have at least two TOs for each page DS.

> If we could do some more AJAX action in there, it would help a lot - 

You need to modify alt_doc.php, which is common for all typo3 records. I 
think it will be hard to do.

> instead right now, you're asked to reload the whole page.

This is how it works in typo3. Field is simply marked as reloading page. 
There is no other way in typo3 core. It is not a templavoila limitation 
but rather architectural question for core. Take a look here:
property named "requestUpdate".

> Another problem is that if you don't select a DS (or it's called 
> "Template Structure"), the field for the TO ("Template Design") is not 
> shown, then after the reload the new field is shown. First I felt
> like... "Mmmh, this is still the Subpages stuff" but then I figured that 
> there is something added.

Reason is simple: you can show control for TO but it will be always 
empty without DS set. So there is no need for such control at all when 
there is no DS.

> If we could recode the whole selection it would help a lot, IMHO we 
> should especially distinguish it better from the "Subpages" selection.

Why not? Provide a patch in BT for this. If it is better than existing 
solution, it has a good chance to appear in the product.

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