[TYPO3-caretaker] Selenium was: Re: Welcome

Thomas Hempel thomas at typo3-unleashed.net
Tue Feb 9 14:07:40 CET 2010

Hi Georg,

> See my other mail on the subject; I'm thinking of splitting the tests up
> into various functional parts, which then can be grouped together to one
> (or more) differen tests in the backend. (think of repeated actions like
> login/logout ...).
I don't think this is the domain of caretaker. The thing is, that 
selenium tests are "only" a special type of test service. The 
testservices in caretaker can't be grouped or cascaded. This behavior is 
by purpose! Every test is atomic and should not depend on any other test.

It would also heavily increase the complexity of the caretaker system 
itself. Every single component have to be way more complex which makes 
the whole system much more fragile. And I think be both think that a 
testsystem should be rock solid. ;-)

What COULD be done on the other hand is, that as soon as the selenium 
stuff is ready (I don't have an overview in this department), that the 
selenium stuff is extended.
Maybe introduce some record type called "selenium config" which contains 
a snippet of selenium configuration. In the test record therefore you 
collect those "selenium config records" to a selenium "workflow". In the 
simplest case, the implementation side will only merge those snippets 
into one text and sends that to the selenium clients.

But I would like to safe that for later. And honestly I'm not that much 
into all the selenium stuff so maybe I'm totally on the wrong path with 
this idea. ;-)

Best wishes,

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