[TYPO3-caretaker] RPC for caretaker

Pascal Jungblut mail at pascal-jungblut.com
Tue Apr 27 19:33:14 CEST 2010

Hi Georg,

> In case you're going the "optimized mobile web-frontend"-route, you might be interested in the following:
> I can recommend iwebkit, which provides a nicely styled css+js-framework for the iPhone; nice = imitates app-styles very fine incl. fullscreen cap
> checkout http://demo.iwebkit.net/ on your iphone/simulator or
> http://iwebkit.net/ on your browser.
> Short Story: For a client of ours, we've just implemented a shop-system with some 25.000 products and an iPhone-App which gets all displayed product-info via REST from the shop-system. However it turned out that there was a need for the content behind the "Help-Button" within the app. Final Solution was to mantain the "Help-Content" within the existig TYPO3-Instance and create an iphone-optimized TS-Template, which basically "converts" the standard CSS-Styled-Content-Output into iwebkits dom-structure & nav-items and thus delivers this "iphone-Feeling". The Help-Button within the app simply uses the in-app-browser, so the User does not have to leave the app.
> Users are happy & Editors can mantain the HELP-FAQ-Section.

I totally agree that for the majority of apps out there a web-app would be the perfect solution, including this caretaker-app. If I had to do this for a client or so I'd definitely use iwebkit. But I want to learn Obj-C and so I'll do it the "needlessly complicated" way. A hybrid solution as you described seems very useful to me. Could save a lot of work :-)

By the way: I decided to implement the interface that the caretaker_instance <-> caretaker_instance uses. Pro-tip: If you want to en- and decrypt data that should be de- and encrypted by PHP: do it yourself on the Obj-C side. SSCrypto.framework doesn't use openssl's EVP wrapper and therefore signatures and encrypted data differ from the ones that PHP would generate, so verifying and decrypting fails. Sigh.

Once I've something fancy ready, I'll let you know, if you guys are interested.


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