[TYPO3-caretaker] Welcome

Thomas Hempel thomas at typo3-unleashed.net
Thu Nov 26 11:12:33 CET 2009

Hi Georg,

> Having started something similar (though only gathering basic T3,
> Apache, PHP & T3-EXT versions, based on remotesurvey) in order to
> monitor the code-based security of distributed T3-Client-Instances, I've
> discarded the further developement of our puppy after discovering your
> concept and code-base (some month ago);
Sad for you somehow but really cool for us. ;-)

> I'm especially interested in and could offer collaboration on:
> - adding new services (especially for checking T3-instances against a
> centrally or distributed list of insecure extensions);
We have that already implemented. The extension check compares the 
installed extension against the extension list from the TER which is 
stored in the central caretaker server. The information about security 
status a certain extension is already inside that list.

> - functional testing via Selenium
We have that as well.
@Martin: Can you please give some details on that? Maybe we can share 
the code base!? I think here is some work to do anyway.

> - providing documentation
And a third time, we already have a documentor. A draft should be in the 
svn already. Feel free to check it and get in contact with Lars on this 


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