[TYPO3-caretaker] Welcome

Georg Kuehnberger georg at georg.org
Wed Nov 25 20:42:04 CET 2009

Thomas et al,

Thanks for having kicked-off, designed & coded this project.

Having started something similar (though only gathering basic T3, 
Apache, PHP & T3-EXT versions, based on remotesurvey) in order to 
monitor the code-based security of distributed T3-Client-Instances, I've 
discarded the further developement of our puppy after discovering your 
concept and code-base (some month ago);

I'm especially interested in and could offer collaboration on:
- adding new services (especially for checking T3-instances against a 
centrally or distributed list of insecure extensions);
- functional testing via Selenium
- providing documentation

Kind regards from Vienna,

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