[TYPO3-caretaker] EXT caretaker_server requirements suggestions

Martin Ficzel martin.ficzel at gmx.de
Wed Dec 2 23:22:25 CET 2009

> So how did you create the priv & pub key @ the caretaker_server, then?
> only way i can imagine is using components outside the
> EXT-caretaker-context. - just curious.

Hi Georg,

the system i was speaking about is using only the caretaker_selenium
and custom non-public testservices. Since there are also caretaker_snmp
and in future caretaker_nrpe it is not completely senseless to use
caretaker without caretaker_instance.

>>> - css_styled_content for FE-Display (optionaly)
>> Same here. Not every caretaker-server needs a frontend.
>> We will discuss the adding of those dependencies internally. It could
>> make sene to set them since it will fit the needs of the most users.
> ACK; your choice;
>> Adding a
>> php-module check to the update method is a good idea. I doubt that i can
>> set module dependencies in ext-configuration, so a php check could at
>> least create a better error message.
>> Regards Martin
> let me rephrase my unanswered statement to two questions:
> a) Features/Requests regarding code: Should we use the bugtracker @ fore
> for such suggestions or keep them here?
> b) DOCU: Should we add docu-pieces the wiki (like we do in EXT dam) or
> communicate here ?
> pls. let me know.
> Thanks for your reply anyway, regards Georg

In general i suggest to keep discussions about the future development
here. When you find bugs feel free to add a ticket on forge. Before
adding features it's a good idea to ask here so we can tell whether we
are willing to accept that for the caretaker core or wether this should
be done by extension.

In case of Documentation it depends on whether you want to provide
corrections or complete new parts of the documentation. In case 2 i
suggest that you write them im your favorite tool and send it to us in a
format which can be imported by OpenOffice. Ofcouse it's a good idea to
ask here first whether we want to include such a chapter or whether
there is already someone writing a similar text. I personally intend to
add 2 small chapters about writing TestServices and NotificationServices
in the near future.

Regards Martin

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