[TYPO3-caretaker] EXT caretaker_server requirements suggestions

Georg Kuehnberger georg at georg.org
Wed Dec 2 21:22:46 CET 2009

Martin Ficzel wrote:
> Georg Kuehnberger schrieb:
>> Ahoi Martin et al,
>> I had a short review of the manual & the latest SVN commits, and like to
>> suggest the below two additions.
>> regards Georg
>> PS: In case I should have used the bugtracker @ fore, pls. let me know.
>> a) you might want to add: css_styled_content and caretaker_instance as
>> dependencies (or suggests) in ext_emconf.php of caretaker_server.
>> - caretaker_instance for the caretaker-server key-generation (needed)
> Hi Georg,
> the caretaker system can work completely without the caretaker_instance.
> We have a setup running with only external test-services so it makes
> sense to keep caretaker instance optional.

So how did you create the priv & pub key @ the caretaker_server, then?
only way i can imagine is using components outside the 
EXT-caretaker-context. - just curious.

>> - css_styled_content for FE-Display (optionaly)
> Same here. Not every caretaker-server needs a frontend.

> We will discuss the adding of those dependencies internally. It could
> make sene to set them since it will fit the needs of the most users.

ACK; your choice;

>> b) you might wanna add the php-module requirements (like SSL)
>> - eighther during installation (how?) or first execution of the
>> caretaker_server backend-module (by testing of php-function existance),
>> - and for sure pls. add it to the documentation.
> The documentation is currently WIP we are very happy that we have found
> a volunteer for writing it but it is not finished yet.

I'm aware of this fact;

> Adding a
> php-module check to the update method is a good idea. I doubt that i can
> set module dependencies in ext-configuration, so a php check could at
> least create a better error message.
> Regards Martin

let me rephrase my unanswered statement to two questions:
a) Features/Requests regarding code: Should we use the bugtracker @ fore 
for such suggestions or keep them here?
b) DOCU: Should we add docu-pieces the wiki (like we do in EXT dam) or 
communicate here ?

pls. let me know.
Thanks for your reply anyway, regards Georg

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