[TYPO3-UG France] [TYPO3-UG Denmark] RealURL: Translation of labels

Michiel Roos michiel at netcreators.com
Mon Nov 5 16:29:25 CET 2007

Christopher wrote:
> Hi guys,
> at the moment I am trying to gather some translations for the extension 
> RealURL written by Dmitry Dulepov.
> Therefore it would be great, if you could translate the following labels to 
> your language:
> Speaking URL path segment:
> Speaking Url Management
> (The frist line is used in the backend of a page with the page-type 
> "extended".
> The second line is used in a dropdown-field in the category "Info" to access 
> the features of RealURL.)

Hi Chrisopher,

You are aware of the translation server? The translations are done there 
mostly. Are these labels new?

I propose to use:

RealUrl pad segment:
RealUrl beheer:

Kind regards,

Michiel Roos

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