[TYPO3-english] Bug workspacePreviewDetail in French

François Suter fsu-lists at cobweb.ch
Tue Mar 13 17:05:29 CET 2012

Hi Benoit,

> My problem now is to understand where I can fix this bug. The XML
> language is only available in English, so could someone let me know
> where/how the translation of the system extensions are handled?

The translations are handled on a Pootle instance: 

but that's not the right place to solve the problem. Quotes should be 
escaped when strings are loaded into JavaScript. When following the 
standard TYPO3 API, this goes through class t3lib_pageRenderer, methods 
addInlineLanguageLabel() and related. You should check what values are 
handled there and how they are eventually stored as JS values.



Francois Suter
Cobweb Development Sarl - http://www.cobweb.ch

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