[TYPO3-english] TYPO3 6.0 at the corner? How is it possible

RDE Wiesbaden gr2 at ipw.net
Fri Mar 9 15:58:47 CET 2012

Andreas Becker schrieb:

> Why don't the Association starts to build up man power internationally -
> worldwide to bring TYPO3 to the global world! 

Hi Andy, only two answere from my view, as I can look into large companies.

The coordination of international developers (especially india) within a
team "eats" a full power job, 18 hours a day, 7 days a week over months,
not less, and results in several burnouts after a few years.

Who wants to do this for free please ??

Other German Companies do
> this already and sell those "Indian" or more general "Outsourced build"
> TYPO3 as their own work to their European Customers for a much higher price
> they had to pay for those people developing it.

As I heard in the last few months, many of these projects have been cancelled,
the progress was weak, the effiency was terrible, nothing was "in time",
the culture within the team is/was too much different. (I am talking
about engeneering only.)

So many German companies stopped their engagement on international
software development and went back to local European partners.

These companies payed a lot and lost a lot on these experiments. Even fom China
we hear, that German companies cut back there activities with bad experience.
I heard from a very few longtime successors only.

So this can slightly be a temporary help only, not a goal for the future.

In Germany we have a saying (I know you are a German): "Die Chemie muss stimmen."
translated is this about : "The people (or persons) must match mentally."

 From my view the "devs" can be recruited from the existing community only.
These people have the intention and the pleasure, to spend their time
with TYPO3 development.

What must be improoved shortly, is the way to get in contact with the
right people inside the core team to offer personal help or own manpower.

The idea with a banner on typo3.org with a link to a fomular was the
best idea up to today.


mit freundlichen Grüßen
Gert Redlich

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