[TYPO3-english] TYPO3 6.0 at the corner? How is it possible

Andreas Becker ab.becker at web.de
Fri Mar 9 17:06:58 CET 2012

@ Francois

Francois I am on the one hand happy that at least my concept (combining
several events in to one longer big one) how I communicated it to people
who stay in contact with people who you mentioned is now taking place in
Cambodia. It was planned to have this here! I hope you understand what I
mean! So I am only partly happy!

There was simply no involvement of other companies in this decision - it
was simply done! Lets hope that the event will come next year to Phuket
combined with a T3Con Code Dive and Adventure in July 27th - August 4th,
2013 - this is simply the best date to reach all people all around the
world as in this week nearly every place has some kind of holiday and her
not - but we are here already!

@ Gert

I can't verify this at all as we currently have been asked by 4 German
Companies. I guess The people from webessential in cambodia where the
conference will take place can't verify this either nor those from Vietnam
where currently major big companies like IBM HP and with them many others
moved in (instead of coming to us =-() ) Right now they are all preparing
for ASEAN - similar to EU - which will start here in 2015. This fact is
such a great opportunity for companies to invest here.

In one point you might be right. We work here locally with developers
mainly from Germany and other European Countries and US/Canada who like to
live here with their families. Many companies like this here in South East
Asia are operating like this. i.e. We are a company which is owned 100% by
German Shareholders! Thanks to BOI certification. Similar Companies you can
find in India or Vietnam and the already mentioned one in Cambodia. Many of
those companies not only focus of Development but take "Inspire to share
for granted" - Webessentials in Cambodia which resulted more or less from a
NGO Project, Our Company who is doing lots of TYPO3, English and German
Trainings and Camps in Thai Schools, Srijan in India which is supporting
lots of Indian Schools too, etc. It is much more than only development of a
Webproject we are doing. We are guests in this beautiful country and give
back our part too. We reduce travelling to a minimum to promote Green
Development. We travel much less than European developers because we are
using modern Technology to communicate our needs in realtime.

Your point of view. "So this can slightly be a temporary help only, not a
goal for the future."
is exactly the problem we are talking about here. It might be hard to find
a developer for 55 Euro in Germany but it would be quite easy here in Asia
to find a Team and they would develop perhaps even faster and better
tested. The more you help to build up developers here - Integrator
Certifications on a regular base in India, China and SEA (South East Asia)
would create a qualified resource of certified TYPO3 Integrators which
would work very efficient for less than half price and their living
standard in their country would even be more than doubled as high as yours!

Right now we can read here in this thread that it is difficult to find
people so even you think it is a temporary thing only - try it out and you
will see that it isn't temporary at all!

TYPO3 is not restricted to the prosperous European World only but can help
to create great potentials from all those developers you can find here in
the "Jungle".
If this could be more intensive we could change circles of poorness more
and more and bring up high educational standards even to country like ours
here. Here is such a great (just awakening) potential!

Business Models can be very different from what we have right now. Why
don't come here, live here and have all those benefits of developing from a
"holiday destination" but working 100 percent on projects from your
homecountry? It is beneficial for all and especially also for the customer.
None of those companies mentioned are working with no cooperation
partner(s) in European or American Countries. On the other hand it would
create awareness of this great CMS and show presence in "Joomla and it's "a
Original Copy"" county. Think about it and if somebody is interested to
learn more about it feel free to contact us PM.

What was tried before was that West ordered in the East and the East
delivered cheap to the West. Better would be the West is joining the East
and meeting up with them to bring them on standards developed in the West.
Never forget how big the potential actually will be in 5 years already.
China will have more English speaking people than USA and Canada together.
Most Startups (which all will need a web and mobile presence) will be
founded in India and China and surrounding countries! Please help us to
bring this opportunity to the TYPO3 Community before it is completely
covered already by Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal freaks as they are already
working to span their nets to catch as much new fish as possible!

@ Sanders
great great stuff and actually this should get published on TYPO3.org News
so every body can read it - even those who are not in our mailing lists!

Right now we have a big big Chance of reconciliation and we should take
this chance to get things done in the way when I was joining this community
in 2002 and all those now big ones where happy to find help from people who
still have the faith and spirit of "Inspire to share" in their hearts

Thank Sanders!


On Fri, Mar 9, 2012 at 9:58 PM, RDE Wiesbaden <gr2 at ipw.net> wrote:

> Andreas Becker schrieb:
>  Why don't the Association starts to build up man power internationally -
>> worldwide to bring TYPO3 to the global world!
> Hi Andy, only two answere from my view, as I can look into large companies.
> The coordination of international developers (especially india) within a
> team "eats" a full power job, 18 hours a day, 7 days a week over months,
> not less, and results in several burnouts after a few years.
> Who wants to do this for free please ??
> Other German Companies do
>> this already and sell those "Indian" or more general "Outsourced build"
>> TYPO3 as their own work to their European Customers for a much higher
>> price
>> they had to pay for those people developing it.
> As I heard in the last few months, many of these projects have been
> cancelled,
> the progress was weak, the effiency was terrible, nothing was "in time",
> the culture within the team is/was too much different. (I am talking
> about engeneering only.)
> So many German companies stopped their engagement on international
> software development and went back to local European partners.
> These companies payed a lot and lost a lot on these experiments. Even fom
> China
> we hear, that German companies cut back there activities with bad
> experience.
> I heard from a very few longtime successors only.
> So this can slightly be a temporary help only, not a goal for the future.
> In Germany we have a saying (I know you are a German): "Die Chemie muss
> stimmen."
> translated is this about : "The people (or persons) must match mentally."
> From my view the "devs" can be recruited from the existing community only.
> These people have the intention and the pleasure, to spend their time
> with TYPO3 development.
> What must be improoved shortly, is the way to get in contact with the
> right people inside the core team to offer personal help or own manpower.
> The idea with a banner on typo3.org with a link to a fomular was the
> best idea up to today.
> --
> mit freundlichen Grüßen
> Gert Redlich
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