[TYPO3-english] TYPO3 6.0 at the corner? How is it possible

Chris Zepernick {SwiftLizard} chris at swift-lizard.com
Tue Mar 6 14:32:03 CET 2012

Hi guys,

I think I´ve done enough reading during the last few days, and I finally 
decided to add my two cents too. Most of the 'older ones' now me since I 
am around since 2002.

First of all I will not dicuss any version numbers here, because to my 
mind this discussion is more then rediculous. I am in this business 12 
years by now, never did a client, and I am freelancer so we are talking 
companys, clients and agencys, ever asked me for a version number. It is 
my job as a consultant to provide them with the best solution, if wise 
or necessary with the latest Version, what ever that is.

Just a side note, because I read it somewhere in this thread, who who 
knows TYPO3 and is sane would provide support including a not yet even 
beta version of which no one knows when it will be finally released ? O.o

What I find stunning is how blunt and vain some people react to, I have 
to admit sometimes harsh and not very polite, criticism. You yelled at 
me so I don´t even listen to the words you say ? O.o

Where are we in kindergarden ?

Come on guys, you wouldn´t react that way to your boss if he is yelling 
at you in furious rage, would you? Or a collegue in you team?

You have every right to be pissed and annoyed, no doubt about that, but 
at least listen ...

What did you expect from people if you do such a major decission on your 
own, and as it appears behind closed doors, not even asking the T3A 
members beforehand, let alone the community on the dedicated lists?

Let me make one thing perfektly clear, to my mind this decission was 
long over due, it was right, let alone the only valid option to my mind.

All of us that work with TYPO3 and this great community for as long as I 
am, lets be honest we knew this day had to come for at least the last 3 
- 4 years. We all knew, after having a look at FLOW3 and its concept 
that we will "only" have a succesor, only sharing some concepts, but no 
follow up version which is a bliss to migrate to.

What is wrong with that ? To my mind nothing, ... Symfony2 is, ZF2 is, 
new Drupal (pehaps based on Symfony) will be...

What constanly annoys me is this, excuse the wording, BS happening again 
and again and again.

What is it with you people that it constantly has to be the "next & only 
right way" to go? Only to row back years afterwards ?

Why don´t we learn from the past?

TV has been the next genration Templating, first promoted as the new 
Templating engine of TYPO3 core in a later version, only to row back (I 
think 2 years after), saying it´s another way to do it.

DAM, THE asset mangement, the successor of Web->File, first promoted,
years after, still not a reliable partner (one of the reasons of FAL),
still no replacement,...

Workspaces, the new virtual staging System of TYPO3, at the time this 
statement was made, not working with DAM, IRRE, TV ... and still lacks 
some of the needed requirements for mayor enterprise,...

Extbase & Fluid, the new way, the successor of pi_base, the only sane 
and right way (2009), at least if you want to be compatible to [What 
ever it will be named],... up to last year not anywhere near stable, 
still not as good as pi_base performance whise.

Please don't get me wrong, all those Extensions are great, but none of 
them was the "only right way". MVC had been long around TYPO3 long 
before Extbase, some implementations I know had real staging, some big 
asset management software, performance whis all of us know TV is not the 
best shot.

Where is the problem to introduce the new stuff more reasonable ?

TV: New cool alternative way of templating within TYPO3
DAM: Basic asset management software truly integrated in TYPO3
Workspaces: New option to versionize and virtually stage content
Extbase & Fluid: New MVC Framework backport to bring some FLOW3 to TYPO3

This way we wouldn´t have to row back each and every time... just my 2 

Then we got another topic, and I know that this is what this storm is 
really about, I think no sane member of the community talks version 
numbers seriously, do we ?

The constant lack of transparent communication, and the sometimes 
childish respond of some of the people in charge, certainly not all of 
them (special thanks to Jürgen Egeling in this case, cool post).

The constant way of behaviour to, yes sometimes harsh (sorry this is 
business, at least to me), criticism stayed the same during the last 10 
years I am now in this community:

Either it is "shut up you contributed no code" or we got to "You where 
harsh and I feel offended so I will not talk / respond to you".

The ones of you that know me personally know that this gets me fired up ;p

Even if people are harsh, and behave like assh..., they might have some 
valid points, read them, understand them, use them,... don´t, please, 
please don´t ignore them.

Even an idiot might be right sometimes.

We had and still have a big problem when it comes to communication. This 
is not only my, but also the opinion of some better known, some famous, 
TYPO3 community members.

I´d like to keep it simple:

1. If you want to make big decissions ask for opinions, at least from 
the T3A members as some of them not only contribute time but all of them 
pay money to support this great project.

This way you will avoid a storm like this, because a lot of people knew 

2. Communicate more reasonable, yes you should promote new features, but 
please stop to Hype Beta and RC software beforehand.

3. Please never give something that lacks a roadmap, milestones, and a 
projectplan with reasonable finish date a version number again, this 
lead to this mess in the first place.

Last I agree to the cry out for a CEO (Business Decissions) and a CTO 
(Technical Decissions), and to me this is no contradiction to more 
democracy. Come on guys and girls you know this!

We don´t want to make every decission, talk about every pixel / line of 
code, but we want to be involved in the big ones, like this one.

We need someone with a vision, but that keeps a shedule in mind, that 
sets up a release plan, for ALL of the TYPO3 community projects (TYPO3, 
FLOW3, [WhatEverThisWillBe]), that nows the scope of a certain release.

Someone that can tell us a reliable shedule and feature set for those 
products of ours.

And please don´t let this one change for at least 4 years if he / she is 
doing a good job.

Guys again:

This community is great, we managed to achiev alot during the last 
years, some of the biggest companys are using this cms and our framework.

Stuff like Extbase and Fluid did a lot to coding quality, knowledge, ... 
in our TER and community.

We simply rock, ... we got some of the coolest guys (T3Quetsche and 
Reverend) I know now,... we simply suck at communication at the moment, 
lets face it,... lets work on it, lets solve it,... we can do this ;P



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