[TYPO3-english] TYPO3 6.0 at the corner? How is it possible

Erdal Gök comm at webcan.de
Tue Mar 6 13:30:08 CET 2012

Friends, I am getting confused by all that threads and opinions. I will 
try to speak more generally.

We all have different conditions, experiences, education, expectations 
and customers. If nobody cares about this community in his entirety but 
only about his needs than he/she/it will separate this community.

If you don't want to understand, why somebody wants to change something 
or the other don't want to know why another one is afraid of this 
change, you will break this community.

If you say, there is no community you already lost your faith in this. 
This is sad.

To conclude: find a better way to communicate. First communicate, than 
declare. Don't be to offensive. Try do understand.

> I would like to open up this thread to move the discussions referring to
> this article:
> http://buzz.typo3.org/people/xavier-perseguers/article/typo3-60-at-the-corner-how-is-it-possible/
> away from buzz.typo3.org to a place where it's not that visible to a
> broad audience.

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