[TYPO3-english] TYPO3 6.0 at the corner? How is it possible

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Mon Mar 5 18:08:02 CET 2012

Hi Mathias,

Mathias Bolt Lesniak, LiliO Design wrote:

> Hi Markus!
> I'm both a developer and business (i.e. marketing, client relations) guy,
> so I'm seeing this from both sides. I've been working with TYPO3 since
> 3.6.x.

Good way to start a discussion. But we are all humans and as such we are 
always choosing one side - either business or development.

> I think this question is closely related to the community (or the lack of
> it), and the version issue can't be discussed without looking at things
> more broadly.

What is community? There are more contributers then ever. If we really lack 
the users, then where do all those devs come from?


Please note that this chart does not include the efforts in other 

> The T3A clearly needs to take a step back and look at itself from the
> outside. The new web site is late, the new CMS is late, people don't feel
> they can trust what they hear, etc. I love FLOW3, but I've stopped
> directing clients to typo3.com or .org (I use t3blog.com instead)! I
> believe rewriting the TYPO3 core (into FLOW3/Phoenix) is the right thing,
> but I believe the focus is too much on the future, and too little on what
> needs to be ready right now. A colleague from the Drupal side says TYPO3
> seems too perfectionistic. So perfectionistic, in fact, that nothing seems
> ever to be finished. Food for thought. :-)

Well, better wait a little longer and get a good product. Should not turn 
out to be a GNU Hurd, but as FLOW3 and Phoenix are doing good progress and 
at least FLOW3 is already used a big enterprises, I guess we do not have to 
fear that.

And please note that the T3A is not the community. They can make 
suggestions, but if they want to make rules on how to develop TYPO3 (the non 
paid work), then devs will either go away or create a fork.

Business can not steer open source development, it just does not work. After 
all, then devs joy of coding the the force moving the "product" along.

> This seems to be reflected in the communication too: Decisions must be
> clearly communicated. As others have mentioned, Robert's blog is not the
> place for that kind of communication, but it's not only Robert's task to
> make sure the information gets out.
> Xavier's reply to Milicev's e-mail another place in this thread is
> symptomatic of a different kind of issue:
>     Question: "How to explain to the 62 year old guy, director of the
>     board, where v5 vaporized" Answer: "Just point him to the articles..."
> Sorry, but that's plain disrespectful! No TYPO3 agency is going to live
> long if it just asks the clients to read these kind of articles. TYPO3 is
> there not ultimately for the agencies, but for their clients. With
> Xavier's attitude, TYPO3 will die: Agencies won't be able to sell the
> product, no matter how good it is.

If an Agency has no clue about her product, meaning it can not explain it 
simple, then it has no right to live - simple as that. That does not hurt 

> To conclude, these are important points for me:
>     - Keeping on changing names and numbers is bad PR. Don't do it!
Costumers do not care about versions. They care about features and support.
>     - A clear five year plan is needed for all TYPO3 related projects.
Please not - not a five year plan ... this just does not work ;)
>     - Phoenix must also be called TYPO3, or people will think it's two
>     different things. 
No as explained in the linked article from Xavier, that is just not the 
case. [some new name] is a new product and it will compete with TYPO3. This 
is just natural. But the community (in the from of the devs) will take care 
the exchange ideas and code from and to both products. This will create some 
transition and it also will be possible to migrate the content partially.

The goal of [some new product] was a rewrite and that it is - a new product.
>     - Version numbers should continue straight into
>     Phoenix. (No Phoenix 1.0, please.) 
No, because both are separate products.
>     - Like from Mac OS 9 to Mac OS X
>     the switch to Phoenix should be the next natural step, and maintaining
>     both cores should only be done for a finite number of years. 
That is business view. Devs view is, that there are fixes as long that there 
are devs caring about it around.
>     - Resources should be spent on making TYPO3 look better from the
>     outside. (More money to PR) 
Why money to PR? If you really choose your product by some pretty color, I 
guess that you are not the target group of TYPO3. Marketing is OK, but it 
should spread by rumor and how good it is.
>     - Although TYPO3 is "free" I'm not against
>     paying a voluntary fee per site to sponsor TYPO3 development and PR,
>     as long as projects don't linger in development for ever (so I can
>     show clients what they pay for).
That what the T3A is about. If you do not like the T3A (bylaws, etc) then 
just hire a dev and let him work on what YOU think is important.
The other devs can then continue to work on stuff they care about.

> I agree with you, Markus: It's now or never!
+1 things are moving again

Best regards
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