[Neos] [NEOS] Production and Development

Jean Claude jccosse at gmail.com
Sat Mar 28 16:25:40 CET 2015

Hello Dmitri,

it's nice to receive an answer from a professional 

thank you very much for your advice and your idea to make an alias ... I will do it...

to work with my local computer I have a windows 7, but it is too slow ..
I work with a production machine ... with Plesk and Ubuntu and it's not easy ....
I promised a friend to make him a site with Neos :) but before building a similar site like the demo ..
I try to understand before to have too many problems ...

I have a lot of rights issues ..
because ./flow core: setfilepermissions jccosse psaserv psacln
does not work properly with Plesk ....

and as I don't  know how to transfer a Neos site to another server ...
I am afraid to be wrong ...

one more time
thank you very much
best Regards


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