Thierry Brodard thierry.brodard at techniconcept.ch
Fri Mar 27 16:07:42 CET 2015


We've done a lot of "Domain Models" in the Extbase world.

In the Neos world, there is a "choice" to do:

- Use custom node types
- Use a domain model with a standard controller

Now: with the ease of creating custom node types, my tendency is to use them even for big "lists" of items, for exemple: events in a calendar.
But: as I've seen the behavior of EEL / Flowquery, I think that for custom queries with a lot of business logic, it would be preferable to access the custom nodes in a standard controller, and give the results back to the Fluid view.

So we could have the best of the both "worlds": an excellent interface for the redactor to enter the content in a custom node type, and a "standard" way in PHP to access the data and display them.


- Am I on the "right way" thinking in that direction ?
- Is there an API to access the nodes else than with EEL / Flowquery ?

Many thanks,

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