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Hi Thierry!
I'm not at all an export in this area, but I think TYPO3CR has some sort of
API which you can use.
Easiest way to dive into it is to look through the code, stuff like
I've only had to do it once, in this case:
But don't underestimate the power of TS/FlowQuery too, I prefer to use it
in most of cases.

On Fri, 27 Mar 2015 at 16:10 Thierry Brodard <
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> Hi,
> We've done a lot of "Domain Models" in the Extbase world.
> In the Neos world, there is a "choice" to do:
> - Use custom node types
> - Use a domain model with a standard controller
> Now: with the ease of creating custom node types, my tendency is to use
> them even for big "lists" of items, for exemple: events in a calendar.
> But: as I've seen the behavior of EEL / Flowquery, I think that for custom
> queries with a lot of business logic, it would be preferable to access the
> custom nodes in a standard controller, and give the results back to the
> Fluid view.
> So we could have the best of the both "worlds": an excellent interface for
> the redactor to enter the content in a custom node type, and a "standard"
> way in PHP to access the data and display them.
> Questions:
> - Am I on the "right way" thinking in that direction ?
> - Is there an API to access the nodes else than with EEL / Flowquery ?
> Many thanks,
> Thierry
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